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Does beard growth cream work?

Does beard growth cream work?
09 February 2022
2-minute read

If you’re trying to grow out your beard, patchy areas can be frustrating and disruptive. Our beard growth cream offers you the potential for a simple solution, helping you grow a thicker looking beard and keeping those bald patches to a minimum. But does using beard growth cream regularly actually make any difference?

What is Sons Beard Booster?

Sons Beard Booster Cream is a way for men to achieve fuller facial hair and fill in the gaps in their beards. The serum contains 3% Minoxidil - Minoxidil is a proven medication that stimulates growth in your hair follicles and has been used for decades to help treat male pattern hair loss. Minoxidil does this by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow, which in turn provides your hair follicles with the nutrients and oxygen they need to thrive. The end result is thicker, healthier hairs and revitalised patchy areas.

Sons Beard Booster Cream is easy to use too. Delivered monthly in discreet packaging, the cream should be used every day by rubbing into your skin, specifically in areas that are patchy or are thinning. 

When will I see results from Sons’ beard growth cream?

While Minoxidil gets to work immediately on your beard, it can take a few months until you notice any clear and obvious changes. For the majority of men, it will usually take between one and three months to see those first changes. However, after four months, thicker hairs will start to take over patchy areas in your beard, leading to a thicker look. Remember - patience is key to any of our hair loss treatments, so sticking by your application routine is key. 

How can I improve my beard growth results?

Every man is different, as is every beard. While the majority of men have been proven to benefit from consistent Minoxidil use, some may not get the results they were after. Despite this, there are still some ways to improve the chances of successful Beard Booster use:

  • Stay consistent

  • As with each of our treatment plans, consistency is key if you want to get the best beard results. Setting a timer every day or applying your cream alongside another daily habit (such as brushing your teeth) can help you stay on track every day. Even skipping one day can have an impact on your final results, so make sure to stick to your routine.

    • Stay trim

    As your beard starts to grow a few months in, keeping on top of your grooming will do wonders for your results. Whether you’re heading to a barber or keeping on top of things yourself, make sure to style your beard to accentuate thickness and cover patchier areas.

    • Stay healthy

    Staying healthy throughout the application of our beard growth cream will only help your results. Plenty of sleep, a healthy diet and regular exercise are all part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle, as well as lowering your stress levels. All of these practices provide a great foundation for growing a thicker beard.

    Interested in growing a long, thick beard you can be proud of? Our Beard Booster Cream is delivered in discreet packaging every month, without any need for a subscription. Learn more about our beard growth cream here and start a consultation today!


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