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Scalp Stimulation: Does Scratching and Massage Boost Hair Growth? How to Do It Right

Scalp Stimulation: Does Scratching and Massage Boost Hair Growth? How to Do It Right
12 December 2023
2-minute read

Taking care of your hair is of the utmost importance if you want to avoid losing it. Hair maintenance can be done in several ways.

Depending on the type of barber that you’ve been to in the past, you might have noticed that massage your hair or at least offer to do so after it’s been cut - why do they do this?

Here we will look into scalp stimulation to find out how, and if, it works to boost hair growth.

Do growth massages work for growth?

Hair growth or regrowth is unlikely to occur as a result of massaging your scalp, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any benefits to the practice when performed gently.

For instance, Minoxidil works by increasing the blood flow to your scalp’s blood vessels, meaning your hair follicles can better absorb the nutrients and vitamins they need because they have become widened. This presents a better opportunity for healthy strands to go through.

However, there isn’t any reliable evidence to suggest that hair growth or regrowth is possible from massaging. All it does is create a better environment for your hair to thrive in and be revitalised.

There are numerous scalp massaging devices found online and some of them could hold benefits, but we would advise you to be cautious of claims that hair growth will happen as a result of using them.

This method of scalp stimulation might work for some men, but FDA-approved medications prescribed by Sons are a far more likely approach to slow and hopefully stop your hair loss.

Is scratching ever beneficial for your hair?

When we feel itchy on our head, it can sometimes feel like an automatic response to address it by scratching it. The causes of hair itchiness can be because your scalp is reacting to a product with chemicals your body doesn’t like, or perhaps you have dandruff. Whatever the reason, scratching is rarely a good idea.

The feeling of scratching your scalp with your fingernails might offer some momentary relief, but there’s a chance there is dirt under your nails that could contaminate your hair follicles and introduce unwanted bacteria to those areas.

Not only this, but you might notice your scalp becomes red or inflamed because of scratching. This can cause further irritation and leave you feeling even itchier.

So, in summary, massaging your scalp now and then might have a few benefits that could revitalise your hair follicles to some degree, but scratching should be avoided so that your hair and scalp remain unbothered.

When it comes to proven hair loss treatment, your best approach is either Finasteride or Minoxidil. Sons supplies these medications, provided in different plans and with other supplements, to properly address your problems. Visit our website today to explore our range.

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