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Sons A-Z of Hair Loss

Sons A-Z of Hair Loss
29 April 2021
4-minute read

Getting your head around hair loss can be more complicated than it needs to be. From Finasteride to Minoxidil, there are a variety of products in our treatment plans that help your hair get back to its best. To clear things up, we’ve put together a quick Sons A-Z on regular terms used around male hair loss and our hair loss treatment plans.

A - Alopecia Barbae 

Alopecia Barbae is a distinct form of alopecia that causes beard hair loss. The auto-immune condition attacks hair follicles and causes small round patches to appear in your beard, often along the jawline.

B - Biotin 

Biotin - otherwise known as vitamin H  - is a water-soluble supplement included in Sons treatment plans. Naturally occurring in the body, Biotin is vital for healthy hair, nails and skin. Regular consumption of Biotin supplements advances the infrastructure of keratin within your body and helps to improve the quality of your hair, especially for those with Biotin deficiencies.  

C - Confidence 

Hair has a big part to play in how a man talks, acts and feels about himself. Revitalising your hair with Sons treatment plans can bring back tons of confidence to your day-to-day self, improving both your personal and professional life.

D - Diffuse thinning 

Diffuse thinning can occur at any age or gender. The condition causes an even amount of thinning and balding around the scalp. If you’re noticing more fallen hair on your pillow or in the shower, you may be suffering from diffuse thinning. Thankfully, the condition is temporary and can be treated with a variety of treatment plans when spotted. 

F - Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it - the feedback and brilliant results from happy men across the country are the reason that we do what we do. Have a look through these testimonials to get a taste of what could be the future for your hair.

F - Finasteride 

Taken daily in tablet form, Finasteride is one of two medications that is scientifically proven to treat hair loss and plays a key role in our treatment plans. Finasteride helps to block DHT, the hormone that affects hair follicles and causes male pattern baldness. After 6-12 months of daily use, you should begin to see the positive results of Finasteride. 

G - Growth cycle 

Hair growth works on a cyclical basis and can be deconstructed into four main growing and shedding phases: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen.  DHT causes the regrowth cycle to slow by shrinking hair follicles and causing them to thin. This growth cycle is the reason that results from Sons treatments begin to appear after 6-12 months.

H - Hair follicles 

Hair follicles are the microenvironments where strands of hair are rooted and nourished. These roots are made up of protein cells and blood vessels that support the hair and ensure the continuation of the growth cycle. A sensitivity to DHT can cause hair follicles to shrink and lead to hair loss.

K - Dr Knut Moe  

Dr Knut Moe is the Medical Director at Sons, who advises on clinical studies, treatments, standard operating procedures, and all things hair loss related. Knut works as a GP in Dublin and has extensive experience managing hair loss at a leading private hair loss clinic. 

M - Minoxidil 

Minoxidil is one of two medications that is scientifically proven to treat hair loss. Minoxidil works by increasing blood flow and oxygen to the scalp and reinvigorating shrunken hair follicles. Our Minoxidil comes in the form of a cutaneous solution, perfect for quick and easy application twice a day. When used with our other medications and supplements, Minoxidil results could be transformative.

N - Norwood scale

The Norwood Scale is a classification system that assesses the degree and progression of male pattern hair loss. From no recession to full recession, there are seven stages to the Norwood Scale. Identifying where you are on the scale is essential for choosing the right treatment.

P - Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) 

Every one of our medications is enclosed with a Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) that categorically details all the side effects that may occur during treatment. We recommend always reading the PIL before beginning your treatment for the first time.

R - Results 

Hair growth results can vary from man to man. If you want to achieve stunning results, consistent daily use of the full works plan could stop your receding hairline and set you on your way to a healthy head of hair.

S - Shampoo 

DHT blocking shampoo is one of the daily products used in Sons treatment plans. The easy-to-use shampoo has been formulated with entirely natural saw palmetto - a mild DHT blocker. Our high-quality shampoo is designed to improve the appearance and quality of your hair.

T - Treatment Plans 

Our treatment plans come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on where you are on the Norwood Scale, we have Simplicity, Non-prescription, Duo and the Full works treatment plans. Each plan is tailored to your hair and is delivered discreetly to your door every month for an affordable price.

W - Will and Adrian:  

Will and Adrian are the two founding fathers of Sons treatments. After becoming frustrated by the lack of options when it comes to male hair loss, the two created the concept for Sons over a pint in the pub. The duo has extensive experience in clinical research, so it’s safe to say that Will and Adrian know their stuff.

Wrapping your head around the clinical terms of male hair loss will help you gain a better understanding of how and why Sons treatments could save your hair. Check out our treatment plans and start your regrowth journey today.

All of our blog articles are reviewed by our Medical Director before publication.