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The incredible relationship between your immune system and brain

11 November 2021
2-minute read

From your head to your toes, there’s no place in your body that your immune system doesn’t touch. But the connection between your brain and your immune system goes a lot deeper than you may think. To help you get to grips with the connection, we’ve dug a bit deeper into the relationship between your immunity and brain. 

To put it simply - the immune system is your body’s main fortification against infections. However, it also does much more to keep your body fit, strong and healthy. The immune system has a wide network of cells all over your body that control inflammation, fight cancer cells and keep all of your organs healthy. Ultimately, when your immune system isn’t performing at its best, you won’t be either.

There is a strong and fascinating link between your immune system and your brain. That feeling of lethargy and tiredness can often be associated with a worn-out immune system not functioning at its best. This can lead to a lack of focus, motivation and concentration, as well as leaving you prone to getting sick. All this adds up to you not fulfilling your potential and performing well below the level you want to be at. If this sounds like you, building up your immune system is a no-brainer.

Recent studies have shown that when your body produces too much stress hormone, it can make you more prone to getting sick. . On the other hand, an unhealthy immune system may contribute to poor brain health by causing inflammation and sending inflammatory chemicals to the brain. While there is still plenty of research left to conduct into the direct communications between the two systems, there’s no doubt that they both interact with each other. Much like the gut-brain axis, your immunity and brain both need to function efficiently and effectively in order to keep you healthy.

So - what can you do about boosting and cultivating that healthy connection between your brain and your immune system. On top of living a healthy lifestyle with a well-balanced diet, the Sons’ Immune Health supplement could give your immunity the boost it needs to get you back at your best. Containing 11 all-natural ingredients, our supplement is entirely supported by scientific research and features Wellmune - a natural beta 1,3/1,6 glucan that is able to significantly strengthen the immune cells in your body and improve energy and wellbeing in people who are stressed. When combined with 10 other ingredients, such as vitamin E and vitamin D, Wellmune can get to work even more effectively. The result? An enhanced immune system that gives you the opportunity for better recovery, less illness and improved wellbeing.

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