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Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?

Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss?
04 June 2024
2-minute read

Dandruff is neither contagious nor dangerous. In fact, it is one of the most common skin conditions globally, impacting 50% of the world’s population. Even so, one question remains: can dandruff cause hair loss?

In this article, we’ll discuss that question and explore some ways you can prevent dandruff. Let’s get to it.


Does dandruff cause hair loss?


No, it’s highly unlikely that dandruff directly causes hair loss. However, there is a caveat.


One of the symptoms of dandruff, besides the flaky white skin that falls as a result, is itchiness. Excessive scratching of the head can then damage hair follicles, disrupting the hair growth cycle and potentially leading to hair loss in some rare cases.


There are some hair conditions that can mimic dandruff such as scalp dermatitis and scalp psoriasis. These conditions do not directly cause hair loss, however prolonged and severe scalp irritation can lead to hair falling out in the area of severe irritation. If the areas of irritation and the underlying condition are treated, the hair growth should return to normal in time.


The best ways to stop dandruff


So, despite being an exceptionally uncommon occurrence, dandruff can be an indirect cause of hair loss.


However rare hair loss due to dandruff is, the condition can still be uncomfortable, and doing your best to stop it will only benefit your hair health and confidence. Here are a few ways you can put a stop to dandruff.


Use a specialist shampoo


Hundreds of shampoos specialise in stopping male dandruff. Incorporating one of these into your daily wash routine is a quick and easy way to put a halt to dandruff. Remember: always keep an eye on the ingredients in these specialist anti-dandruff shampoos, mainly:


  • Ketoconazole
  • Pyrinthione zinc
  • Selenium sulfide
  • Salicylic acid


These specific ingredients have been shown to help halt dandruff and are common in most specialist shampoos.




Regularly hydrating your scalp can also prevent dandruff from developing and is good for hair follicle health. Many men choose coconut oil as a scalp moisturiser, mainly due to its antifungal properties. This antifungal characteristic has been shown to share similarities with ketoconazole, an ingredient found in the majority of anti-dandruff shampoos.


Limit your use of styling products


There are a variety of styling products out there that won’t do your dandruff any favours. Hair dye irritates the scalp and can worsen the condition; detergents and natural or artificial fragrances are other examples. These hair products can be used for a number of years before instigating dandruff, so if you notice any symptoms, it’s worth switching up your styling routine.



While dandruff doesn’t directly cause hair loss, the resulting itchiness can undoubtedly do damage to your hair follicles. For your own confidence and the health of your scalp, it’s always best to take action if you notice those common symptoms.

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