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2 min read

Essential Vitamins for Faster Hair Growth: Your Complete Guide

Guys up and down the UK regularly use vitamins to increase hair growth. For good reason, too - used consistently, many have the potential to deliver fantastic results. With that in mind, this article runs through some critical ingredients found in the Hair Growth Complex that can help increase men's hair growth. Let’s kick things off with Anagain.
2 min read

Boost Your Hair Health: Essential Vitamins for Growth

Whether you’re fighting hair loss or just want your hair to be healthier, thicker and voluminous, vitamins are a brilliant way to enhance quality and stimulate growth. Below we’ve gathered together the best vitamins for hair growth, some of which can be found in the new Sons Hair Growth Complex supplement.
2 min read

What Deficiency Causes Hair Loss? A Comprehensive Guide

As we all know, a well-balanced diet is the key to achieving a high standard of health, and hair isn’t any different. Various studies have shown that particular nutrient and vitamin deficiencies can speed up the rate of hair loss and dent your chances of achieving regrowth. In this blog, we look deeper into some of these common deficiencies and how they could contribute to hair loss. Let’s get to it.
2 min read

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

We get it: hair loss can be slightly scary. However, some hair loss is an entirely normal part of the hair growth cycle, with the NHS stating that the average person loses around 50 to 100 strands daily. So, that begs the question: how much hair loss is normal, and when should you start taking action? In this article, we’ll delve into that question and more. Let’s take a look.
3 min read

How does creatine cause hair loss?

There are lots of potential causes of hair loss, be it your genetic disposition, stress levels, or even the lifestyle that you choose to lead. But what about creatine - does it cause hair loss in men? In this article, we take a closer look at what the science says and help you understand the relationship between the two. But first, what exactly is creatine? Let’s investigate.
2 min read

Does Minoxidil Work?

Halting hair loss and starting the process of regrowth is possible, but how is that possible? Does Minoxidil work? If there are any doubts over whether the treatment works, let us put your mind at rest.

This article will look at whether Minoxidil works and all there is to know about the medication.

Does beard hair fall out after Minoxidil use?

Does beard hair fall out after Minoxidil use?  When used consistently over a sign...
2 min read

Is there a link between anxiety and hair loss?

With the majority of men living hectic, stressful lives, it’s no surprise that the...
2 min read

Norwood Scale: The receding hairline stages explained

Noticing the early signs of hair loss? The Norwood Scale (otherwise known as the H...