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2 min read

Essential Vitamins for Faster Hair Growth: Your Complete Guide

Guys up and down the UK regularly use vitamins to increase hair growth. For good reason, too - used consistently, many have the potential to deliver fantastic results. With that in mind, this article runs through some critical ingredients found in the Hair Growth Complex that can help increase men's hair growth. Let’s kick things off with Anagain.
2 min read

Is there a link between anxiety and hair loss?

With the majority of men living hectic, stressful lives, it’s no surprise that the...
2 min read

What is a widow's peak hairline?

From low hairlines to cowlicks, hairlines can come in all shapes and sizes. One of...
2 min read

What vitamin is good for men's hair?

There are a huge variety of vitamins out there and some of them have the potential...
2 min read

Norwood Scale: The receding hairline stages explained

Noticing the early signs of hair loss? The Norwood Scale (otherwise known as the H...
2 min read

Sons Steps: A 'how to' guide for using our treatment

Treating your hair loss doesn’t have to be complicated. Sons treatments offer a fu...