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Does a Scalp Massage Help Hair Growth?

Does a Scalp Massage Help Hair Growth?
02 April 2024
2-minute read

Ever experienced a scalp massage? If not, you’re missing out.


While there’s no denying their ability to soothe, scalp massages have also been known for other benefits, such as stimulating hair growth. In this blog, we’ll delve a little deeper into the evidence, as well as the best way to massage the scalp with hair growth in mind.

The science


Various studies have been completed on scalp massages’ ability to stimulate hair growth, and it’s good news.

In research completed in 2016, nine men were monitored over the space of 24 weeks. Each day, the participants were given a four minute standardised scalp massage using a device, with researchers continually monitoring hair numbers, hair thickness and hair growth rate. The results were resoundingly positive and the study concluded that ‘hair thickness was shown to increase with standardised scalp massage.’ and that the method ‘may become a natural, easy, and economical way to stimulate hair growth rates.’

How to massage the scalp


 Clearly, daily scalp massages can provide fantastic benefits for your hair, but what is the ideal method you should use for growth? Well, there are three main ways to choose from, the first of which is the simplest.

Fingertip scalp massage


With medium pressure, move your fingertips in a circular motion starting at the front of your scalp. Make sure to cover the entirety of your scalp over the five minutes. You can use essential oils too, but this isn’t necessary to see the benefits.

Remember: it’s crucial that you don’t put too much pressure on your scalp, as you may inadvertently damage your hair follicles. Alternatively, you could also ask a loved one to complete the massage for you or even visit a professional massage therapist.

Massaging while washing


 Applying your shampoo in the shower is the perfect place to complete your daily scalp massage. It’s best to use the same technique that we outlined above, but using a strengthening shampoo, ideally one that contains saw palmetto, could provide additional growth benefits.

Using massage devices


If you’re looking for a more professional method, there is also a range of massage devices specifically recommended by dermatologists. These devices can be more effective than your fingertips, digging deeper into your scalp and stimulating follicles. However, they certainly aren’t a necessity.

How often should you complete a scalp massage?


Once or twice a day is the perfect amount. However, it’s worth noting that you won’t see increased hair growth straight away. With a commitment to consistency, you may see quicker, thicker growth over the first few months. Even so, while research backs the effectiveness of scalp massages for hair growth, not all men will see the benefits.



For those looking for additional ways to stimulate hair and generate further growth, scalp massages are a fantastic, evidence-based way to do so. With stress being a cause of hair loss in some men, they’re also the perfect excuse to soothe your mind after a difficult day.

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