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Does beard hair fall out after Minoxidil use?

31 January 2023
2-minute read

Does beard hair fall out after Minoxidil use? 

When used consistently over a significant period of time, Minoxidil can increase the fullness and thickness of your facial hair. However, people are often concerned about what happens after using Minoxidil on their beards. Can Minoxidil cause your beard hair to fall out? Let’s take a look. 

How does Minoxidil work? 

Minoxidil is one of two medications that has been clinically proven to treat male pattern hair loss. As a vasodilator, Minoxidil works by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected areas of your scalp or beard, providing the hair follicles with the nutrients they need to grow. It also shortens the resting phase and lengthens the growing phase of your hair, which can lead to short-term shedding, as we explain below.

Why are my hairs falling out? Minoxidil and hair shedding 

When you start using Minoxidil, you might notice that some of your hairs shed more quickly than they ordinarily do. There are four phases of hair growth, and Minoxidil is known to impact the anagen phase (growing) and the telogen phase (resting). Minoxidil speeds up the resting phase of your hair, which means that it can lead to you shedding hairs more quickly than normal, particularly at the start of your treatment. 

But equally, Minoxidil extends the growing phase of your hair, which means that new hair should replace that which has been shedded. Shedding can occur during the first 8-12 weeks of using Minoxidil, and it’s not something you should be worried about. 

What happens if I stop using Minoxidil? 

Minoxidil is only effective for as long as you use it. It’s widely agreed that most men need to use Minoxidil for at least four months to start seeing the benefits. Thereafter, Minoxidil will continue to work for as long as you use it. If you decide to stop using Minoxidil on your beard, you may notice a difference in the thickness and fulness of your facial hair in a relatively short space of time. The good news is that Minoxidil is generally safe for long-term use. Therefore, if you want to achieve your beard goals long into the future, you can continue using Minoxidil for as long as you notice the positive results. If you experience any side effects or are concerned in any way about the impact that Minoxidil is having on your beard growth, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. 

Introducing our Beard Booster 

If you’re interested in growing a thicker and fuller beard, our beard booster is the ideal product. The serum consists of a 3% Minoxidil solution, which can stimulate the growth of hair follicles in your beard, resulting in a thicker beard after several months of application. Provided that you are consistent with your application and commit to long-term usage, your beard hair should not fall out after using Minoxidil. 

Interested in learning more about how Minoxidil works? Check out our detailed Minoxidil FAQs to learn more about this hair loss treatment. 

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