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How long does Finasteride take to work for hair loss?

How long does Finasteride take to work for hair loss?
25 September 2023
2-minute read

Finasteride is routinely prescribed to men who’ve experienced hair loss, whether it be mild or moderate. It’s an effective form of treatment that has been used to treat male pattern baldness for many years.

When we notice the signs of hair loss and decide to commence treatment to fight it, we naturally want to see results right away, but how long does Finasteride take to work? When should you begin to notice the effects of the treatment?

This article will look to clear up the timeline when it comes to taking Finasteride treatment so you know when to look for the signs.

The timeline of Finasteride treatment

Whether it’s used orally or topically the timeframe you can expect the Finasteride treatment to work in would remain the same. Remember to check your crown or temples now and then to see the progress that’s been made, sometimes taking a picture at intervals of a few months to see if hair loss has stabilised or some regrowth has been achieved. 

The first few days - The truth is that you’re not going to notice any changes in the first few days of taking your new medication but rest assured that it is working. There is unfortunately no overnight solution to combating hair loss, patience and keeping up with treatment are required so that the medication can start to work.

3 months - It’s at this point that you might start to notice the first changes appear. Whether your hair loss has slowed slightly or early signs of regrowth have appeared, you could be encouraged by the fact that noticeable changes are on display. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen any signs just yet, some people only notice their hair loss slowing over periods of up to a year

6 months - The changes you’ll have experienced in your hair will appear more significant now. Your dedication and commitment are paying off in the form of healthier and thicker hair, along with a slowed rate of hair loss. Maintain your treatment routine as you’ve been doing so far to continue reaping the rewards.

9-12 months - Now the full effects that the treatment brings should be apparent. Your crown area should look much more voluminous than it did before and your hair should look thicker overall. To maintain your new look, stick with the treatment going forward.

What else to know about the Finasteride treatment timeline

Finasteride in a 1mg daily dosage is a very effective medication, working in the majority of men who take it. However, like with all medications, some side effects can happen, though thankfully they are rare and affect less than 4% of people. The main side effects are reduced libido, erectile dysfunction (though this has been contested), reduced quality of sperm while taking it, and there are some reports of worsening mental health in those with pre-existing anxiety/depression.  These side effects normally go away after stopping treatment. 

This treatment, in its oral form, is effective in over 80% of men. Should you stop taking the treatment for whatever reason, you can expect your hair to go back to what it was pre-treatment in anywhere between 6 and 12 months.

If you want to know more about Finasteride and what it can do for you, explore the Sons website today.

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