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How long should I wait until I see signs of hair regrowth?

How long should I wait until I see signs of hair regrowth?
17 June 2024
2-minute read

Commitment to a treatment plan and sound mental and physical health all play their part in helping your hair recover from male pattern hair loss. Even so, hair regrowth doesn’t happen overnight. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how long you should wait to see those vital signs of hair regrowth. Let’s get to it.

When will you see those first signs of hair loss?

First things first, the method you use to treat your hair loss will impact when those first signs of regrowth appear. You should start seeing results within six months if you’re using a Finasteride and Minoxidil treatment plan. However, some men will have to wait slightly longer (up to a year) to see signs of recovery. 

Using other products alongside your treatment plan, such as Biotin, Hair Growth Complexes and Strengthening Shampoos, may speed up your regrowth and enhance the quality of your hair during this process. 

Remember: all men react differently to hair loss treatment plans. While Finasteride and Minoxidil are both clinically approved hair loss medications that work for a majority of guys, they aren’t for everybody. If you don’t see those signs after a year’s treatment, it may be time to look at other options to deal with your hair loss.


The key to hair regrowth

Several key factors determine the speed of hair regrowth, all of which are particularly straightforward to stick to.



Sometimes, all that’s needed is a little patience. 

Every guy is different, and some may take longer to start seeing those first signs of hair growth, but sticking with the plan is often the right thing to do in the long term. As we mentioned above, most will start to see signs of regrowth within six to twelve months, so reaching these milestones is vital. If you’re still struggling to see any indication of growth, get in touch with a consultant to work out the next steps.



No treatment plan will be effective without consistency. Finasteride tablets require daily consumption, while Minoxidil should be applied twice a day (depending on the form it takes). The key? Introducing this consumption into your daily routine. Whether that’s setting phone reminders for the same time each day or taking medication alongside a day-to-day activity, such as brushing your teeth, there are plenty of ways to keep up that consistency. 


Mental and physical well-being

Your physical and mental well-being will always play a huge role in the timing and quality of your hair regrowth. A highly nutritious, well-balanced diet, low-stress levels and plenty of exercise could have a remarkable effect during hair loss treatment. Ultimately, by maintaining the highest health standards, you’re giving your hair the perfect platform to flourish.


With patience, a firm commitment to your treatment plan and excellent mental and physical health, hair regrowth can happen faster and at a higher standard. However, it’s always best to contact a consultant before kickstarting any hair regrowth treatment plan.

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