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The Science

Everything that we do at Sons is backed by science. We work closely with medical experts to create effective and affordable treatment plans that can transform your wellbeing.


Our offerings focus on four key areas: hair loss, gut health, immunity and brain health. We believe that improvement in these areas could revolutionise your everyday.

Our Story

Sons co-founders Will and Adrian became increasingly aware that losing their hair was a possibility. Not ready for the number 1 all over, they looked for solutions but were left confused and frustrated.


Over a pint, they realised – with Adrian’s background in clinical research and Will’s in all things business – that they had the right experience to start a company that helps men understand the facts about their health, and motivates them to be more proactive in tackling their problems.


We’re bringing men’s health and well-being into the 21st Century. Less stigma, clearer information, more convenience, better results.

Sons Medical Team

Dr. Knut A. Moe

Medical Director


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Dr Knut Moe is Medical Director at Sons where he oversees medical operations and strategy and is a member of the executive team. He is a Portfolio GP working in Dublin, where he runs two GP clinics. He graduated from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, is a member of the Irish College of General Practitioners and is an Associate Clinical Professor in University College Dublin’s School of Medicine.


Knut has a keen interest in new & efficient methods of healthcare delivery. Prior to studying medicine, he completed a BA in Business Studies & Political Science in Trinity College Dublin and went on to work in the financial sector in London. He has since completed an an Executive MBA from UCD Smurfit School and an intensive seminar in Value Based Healthcare Delivery in Harvard Business School.

Ruairi Robertson

Medical Director


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Knut is a vocationally trained GP and studied medicine in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Knut joins Sons having developed a special interest in hair loss over the past five years whilst treating patient in a leading hair loss clinic in Ireland.

Dr. Ruairi Robertson

Gut Health Specialist


Dr. Ruairi Robertson is a scientist studying the human gut and its trillions of microbes. He has a B.Sc in Human Nutrition from University College Dublin and a Ph.D in Microbiology from University College Cork.


He has worked in a number of other Universities around the work including Harvard University, studying the interaction between our diet and gut microbes and the subsequent effects on health and disease.


He is currently a postdoctoral research scientist in Queen Mary University of London and an expert speaker and communicator on nutrition and gut health.

Jason Jackson

Sports Nutritionist and Scientific Advisor at Sons




Jason is the Academy Nutritionist at Millwall Football Club, an award-winning personal trainer, a keynote speaker, and a regular contributor to Men's Health magazine.


For his Masters' thesis in sport and exercise nutrition, Jason integrated two years of research into a unified strategy to reverse the age-related decline in testosterone.


Alongside being an accomplished sports nutritionist, Jason's strength and conditioning credentials have enabled him to work with professional athletes at Brentford and Millwall football club.


Jason delivers performance workshops in London, Glasgow, Manchester and Nottingham, consults for the NHS on fat loss strategy and curates bespoke wellbeing experiences for corporate clients.


Jason has now joined the scientific team at online male healthcare brand Sons, specialising in all aspects of immune health