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Best Foot Forward: Five ways kickstart the decade

24 December 2019
2-minute read

There you have it: 2019 has been and gone, which means it’s time to chalk up your goals for the year to come. This might not be the first resolutions article you’ve read but we hope it may prove to be the one that makes a mark. We’re here to make real resolutions achievable, so you can put your best foot forward this decade.

Rethink your exercise routine  

We’ve all had exercise routines that we haven’t kept to; few too many emails from cancelled gym memberships in our inboxes. We think the best way to guard against another year of unfulfilled workout plans is to build from the bottom upwards. Rather than setting yourself a schedule that would impress the most dedicated gym-heads, commit yourself to 30 minutes of exercise every day instead. There’s no excuse to not be able to find that amount of time for a run, workout or swim. You’re far more likely to build up from 30 mins a-day than you are to nail out a 10-hour weekly exercise regime. 

Bitesize learning

It’s vital to keep your brain active and learn new things as you get older. Plus, it’s always good to have conversation starters down the pub or at parties. However, each new year seems to bring a new hobby that ends just as quickly as it started - leaving expensive gear in its wake. That mountain bike isn’t going to ride itself. Again, we think this is a case of setting yourself a manageable structure in your chosen learning area (that could be reading, DIY, woodcraft etc.) and stick to it.

Colourful diet 

Diets always seem to fail on account of unrealistic goals: calorie counting is stressful and going for radical changes like opting for a raw-based diet aren’t feasible for most of us. So, forget about stricter diet plans and aim for something simple - make your diet more colourful. If you make sure each meal has a variety of colours on the go (think: broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, avocado, red cabbage, blueberries, carrots) and you’ll have a much easier way to make sure you’re eating better.

Less screen time 

We get it, modern life demands that you maintain a close relationship with your laptop and smartphone but that doesn’t mean that it should occupy your entire day. Most devices have a screen time limit-setting on them, so make use of it. You’ll be shocked (and potentially embarrassed) by how much of your time is spent staring at a screen. Dedicating to less screen time increases your ability to focus, improves your sleep and strengthens resilience to complete tasks in other areas. 

Full hair ahead 

Looking after your hair (and if you’re losing it) taking back control, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to put your best foot forward in the new year. You’ll gain confidence knowing that you’re making a positive change for your appearance, which will only grow as you begin to see the effects of your treatments. If you want affordable tailored treatment plans delivered discreetly to your door, check out our free consultation.

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