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What Cabin Fever? How to make working from home work for you

23 March 2020
2-minute read

As the majority of us prepare to begin a period of working from home, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to flag some tips for efficient and effective remote working. Here’s how to make working from home work for you. 

Start your day as normal 

The first thing you’ll notice about working from home is that it’s strange not to have your morning routine. Most of us get ready in the morning to make sure that we’re on time for the commute to work. However, it’s important to stick to a structure in order to start the day right. Here are some ideas to make that happen:

  • Stick to your alarms (having a lie-in will only make you sluggish for the day ahead)
  • Get dressed (for some men, working from home in your tracksuit bottoms is bliss but getting dressed makes most of us feel psychologically ready for work)
  • Have breakfast at your normal time (eating earlier or later will throw off your concentration)

Stay active

With social distancing being vitally important at the moment - and it is vitally important - it can feel like the only option is to stay cooped up at home. However, staying active is vital to your health and helps to encourage the creative thinking that it takes to do your work properly. If you had a gym routine, find a way to bring this indoors. If you didn’t, then make sure you stay active by going for walks/jogs around the block at quiet times.

Keep in touch with colleagues

One of the major frustrations of working from home is that you can’t shout across the office or put your head around the computer screen to ask your colleagues a question. To make sure that you stay productive without your team around you, organise catch-up calls in the day to talk through tasks and communicate potential issues to one another. Even aside from practical matters, making the effort to have a friendly chat or bit of banter with your usual desk buddies is worth it.

Replicate your normal work environment

Really want to work from your bed? Good luck. It might be a lovely idea to work from bed or from the comfort of your sofa but realistically you won’t be able to maintain your concentration. The best way to make sure you stay on task is to replicate your normal work environment: 

  • Sit in an upright position at a table
  • Put your laptop and monitor in their usual position 
  • Put the radio on or play music in your headphones 
  • Have your notepad and phone ready 

Bring whatever it is that makes up your normal work environment into your home and you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are. 

Working from home will take some getting to used to but if you follow our advice on the ways to stay on top of things, we’re sure you’ll feel like a professional freelancer in no time. Everyone has to pull together at the moment - so make sure to give yourself the best chance to nail your work over the upcoming period.