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Cards & Flowers: Celebrating Mother's Day 2021

11 March 2021
2-minute read

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude for everything your mother figure has done for you throughout your life. With a lot of mums cut off from their sons and daughters due to seemingly never-ending lockdowns, there’s never been a better time to stay connected with your parents. To help you make Mother’s Day extra special this year, we’ve come up with some ideas for the big day.

Book a day out in advance

While the pandemic may have put a halt to mother and son days out, planning something in advance can give your mum something to look forward to. Whether that’s a fancy dinner at her favourite restaurant or a TLC trip to the local spa, gifting her a light at the end of the tunnel is the best way to treat her this Mother’s Day. You might be desperate to wrap your arms around your mum, but for now, planning for the future will make life seem a little more normal.

Virtual dinner party

We’ve all been missing regular social contact this past year. You won’t be able to meet up physically with your mum this March, but setting up a virtual dinner party can help you reenact those big Mother’s Day meals. Send some champagne to your mum’s door beforehand and make sure everyone in your family gets dressed up. While it won’t be the same as her favourite restaurant, a virtual Mother’s Day dinner can make your mum feel extra special.

Floral surprise

Brightening up and refreshing the house has never been more important than it is now. Flowers are the go-to present on Mother’s Day for a reason. Get in touch with some local florists and go all out on the design. Floral arrangements can come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you discreetly find out your mum’s preferences before. A blooming bouquet is a beautiful surprise on a Mother’s Day morning.

Write a letter

There’s something deeply authentic about writing down your thoughts and sending them in a letter. While they may have gone out of fashion a long while ago, writing a letter to your mum is a great way to tell her how you really feel. During the last year, a lot of our social interaction has taken place on the internet, so breaking away from that trend will be a special treat. Find a nice card, grab the nearest pen and start writing.

Mother’s Day is going to be a little different this year. Treating your mum and making her feel special has never been more important. Set up family Zoom calls, organise some surprise gifts and make sure she’s feeling on top of the world on the 14th March.