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Face The Music: Why dance classes could be the workout for you

31 January 2020
1-minute read

Let’s start by saying that not every man should hang up their boots and hit the dancefloor. If you’re not rhythmically gifted: the idea of dancing in public makes your stomach turn - chances are that dancing might not be for you. However, if you’re partial to a drunk boogie at a wedding, dance classes could be that new and exciting hobby you’ve been looking for. Here’s why.

First of all, dancing is a great form of exercise. It demands movement across all planes of motion from all directions, meaning all of your muscle groups are being exercised at once. So, depending on which dance you are doing, you are nailing a mixed workout of moderate-intense flexibility, strength and cardio.

Most government health organisations recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week. So, attending two one-hour exercise sessions each week would only leave you half an hour of exercise left. Not bad.

Every dance has its own unique set of movements and steps - the cha-cha is a quick two-step, the waltz is a three-step lilt, and so on. Research shows that the area of the brain that deals with memory and problem-solving (planning and organisation) are improved when you dance. Learning dance patterns can prove as much of a mental workout as a physical one.

Dancing also gives you the opportunity to release tension by expressing yourself. Tension, if left, impacts your ability to feel like yourself. Dancing is a great way of letting go of temporary grievances and focusing on what really matters instead: remembering your steps.

Dancing is also an appealing skill. It’s the reason crowds of people queued around the block to see Elvis and James Brown back in the day. What man wouldn’t feel great asking their partner or date to dance, safe in the knowledge they’ve got an arsenal of simple but effective moves at their disposal?

The case for dancing is pretty clear. It’s an effective form of exercise, helps you keep physically and mentally sharp, whilst also being a fantastic way of blowing off a little steam. Maybe it’s time you faced the music and dance.

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