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Fibre Forever: Why you need to get more fibre in your diet

Fibre Forever: Why you need to get more fibre in your diet
24 September 2021
2-minute read

There’s no doubt that fibre is one of the most important nutrients for your gut and should always be a mainstay in your diet. Fibre isn’t just great for your gut either - it may help to  lower your risk of heart disease, strokes and bowel cancer. So - what does fibre do in your body and how do you introduce more of it into your daily diet?

Why do I need more fibre in my diet?

Interestingly, humans can’t digest fibre on their own. Fibre is actually food for all of the bacteria and other microbes in your gut, called your gut microbiota. New research has provided strong evidence that gut microbiota play a critical role in the health of your gut and the rest of your body. A happy, thriving microbiota can help your gut to function properly and to digest food much more easily, which may help you from suffering from those sometimes debilitating gut symptoms, like gas and bloating.

A fibre-rich diet has the ability to feed and expand the healthy bacteria in your gut. When your gut microbiota digests fiber, it produces many protective substances, such as short-chain fatty acids, which not only can improve your gut health, but your overall health too.

Scientific research showsc that plenty of fibre can beneficially impact the function of your digestive system.. Fibre adds bulk to stool, helps with water absorption and nutrient digestion, amongst many other functions.This can lead to much more efficient digestion, as well as reducing the nasty symptoms of IBS or other digestive problems. 

It doesn’t stop there either - if you’re worried about your weight, fibre can give you a helping hand. Regular consumption is able to make you feel fuller for longer and could help you stick more closely to your dietary plan. In fact, a study in 2019 found that fibre was the best predictor of weight loss in people trying to lose weight. .

How do I get more fibre into my diet?

Thankfully, fibre is simple and easy to incorporate into your daily diet. All fruit, vegetables, grains and other plant-based foods contain fibre, whilst animal foods don’t. Berries, broccoli and nuts and seeds are just a few of the many foods high in fibre. However, there are several changes you should make when realigning your diet:

  • When choosing your breakfast cereal, always go for the wholewheat or wholegrain options and cereals low in sugar. Porridge is a fantastic source of fibre, especially if topped with nuts, seeds and berries.
  • When it comes to bread, pasta, rice and other carbs, wholemeal or brown varieties have more fibre than traditional white varieties. . 
  • If you love your potatoes (who doesn’t), leaving the skin on will add some extra fibre to your diet. 
  • It also goes without saying that supplementing your diet with plenty of vegetables, is a no-brainer. Try buying a new vegetable every time you do your food shopping.

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