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Five old fashioned things every modern man should know

12 September 2019
2-minute read

We’re all undoubtedly thankful for the technology our generation has been blessed with. However, there’s something very satisfying about the old fashioned side of life. Hearing your favourite album on vinyl or knowing your best friend’s phone number off by heart - there’s a fondness to it. Here are five timeless things we think every modern man should know.


Know true north


Everyone is trying to work out where they’re going in life, both physically and metaphorically. Knowing true north can help (with one of these). There are several ways of doing this, including reading the stars or using the sun and the hands-on your watch. Not only is this an impressive outdoorsy skill, it can also be useful if you’re ever lost on a walk without any phone signal. 


Change a flat tyre


Let’s be honest, hardly any of us have a clue how our cars work. However, changing a flat tyre is pretty much the minimum level of vehicle maintenance skill. It’s also one of the most useful things you can learn how to do. You don’t have to master mechanics to get a good grasp on changing a tyre.  


Know a poem from memory


There is something special about knowing a poem off by heart. They might not be your words but when you can recall them from memory it feels like they are part of you somehow. You can use it to uplift people during testing times or bore people in kitchens at parties - it’s your call. Either way, it’s pretty impressive.


Build a proper fire 


Building a proper fire is the ultimate ‘manly’ task. The only rule is no firelighters or matches. Although we might not need this survival tactic on a regular basis, we cannot escape the connection between man and fire. Fire is a part of our DNA and learning how to make one is a great way of reconnecting with our roots. 


Tell a story


Whether it’s for a presentation at work, tucking your kids into bed or swapping stories down the pub, everyone man needs to know how to tell a good story. Storytelling is a craft and it takes practice. However, once you’ve got it down you can hold people’s attention no matter what the audience is.  


Sometimes old-fashioned things can’t be beaten. Whilst we might not be giving up our smartphones or the internet just yet, we hope these five old fashioned things will help you on your journey.

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