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How long does it take to improve your gut health with Sons?

24 September 2021
2-minute read

Gut health is one of the most important aspects of your overall wellbeing, directly impacting both your physical and mental health. To put it simply - if your gut is unhealthy, your whole body can feel the effects. Sons Gut Health Supplement provides you with a simple scientifically-proven solution, by reducing symptoms of bad gut health and helping to cultivate a healthy gut environment. But what is our Gut Health Supplement and how long does it take to improve your gut health? 

What are the ingredients in Sons Gut Health Supplement?

Our Gut Health Supplement contains a vital ingredient - LP299v™. This live bacteria has been proven to improve symptoms of poor gut health, such as gas and bloating.. LP299v™ works by binding to the gut wall and communicating with your gut cells. The result is a higher production of mucus, which strengthens the gut wall and prevents harmful bacteria from entering. Arriving at the gut intact, Sons LP299v™ then gets to work by soothing the processes that lead to gut discomfort. As one of the most studied live bacterial supplements in the world, there’s no shortage of scientific literature supporting the positive impact LP299v™ can have on your gut. In fact, one significant study discovered that consistent consumption of LP299v™ reduced the frequency and severity of abdominal pain and bloating in over 50% of participants.

How long does it take to improve my gut using Sons Gut Health Supplement?

After signing up for the Sons Gut Health Supplement treatment plan, the process starts immediately. 30 days worth of supplements are directly delivered to your door in discreet recyclable packaging ready for you to take. Once you’ve taken your first capsule, LP299v™ gets to work within your gut and gut microbiome. However, like most supplements, your body will need some time to get used to LP299v™. Studies have shown that LP299v™ can improve symptoms of IBS after just four weeks of daily intake, whilst some symptoms can improve within two weeks. While most people will see results after a month, it may take a few weeks longer for some. 

How can I improve my results?

If you want faster, more effective results, there are a variety of additional changes you should make to your diet and daily routine. A balanced diet is crucial for a healthy gut, so packing your meals with plenty of vegetables, fruit and whole grains is a no-brainer - as well as reducing those harmful foods. Upping the fermented foods, such as kimchi and probiotic yoghurt, in your diet is also beneficial. Having some trouble keeping up your diet plan? Once you’ve signed up for Sons Gut Health Supplements, our medical team is on hand to help you out with any assistance you might have.

Sons Gut Health Supplements are backed by extensive scientific evidence and have been scientifically-proven to improve gut health, alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. Take a look through our treatment plan today and change your gut health for the better today.

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