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How to keep yourself healthy during social distancing

09 November 2020
2-minute read

Let’s face it: it’s been a tough year. 2020 brought with it plenty of challenges for everybody, and it’s not over yet. Focusing on keeping yourself healthy with a solid exercise and food routine has never been more important. If you’re having to social distance, those challenges can become that little bit trickier both mentally and physically. To help you out, here’s our guide on the very best ways to stay healthy during social distancing.

Don’t fall into old habits

Don’t fall at the first hurdle of your routine by slipping into bad habits of the past. We understand how easy it is to get involved with unhealthy activities when you’re living in those stressful moments. Stay positive and make sure you keep yourself away from anything you know hasn’t been good for you in the past. Fighting those old urges and rejecting your old ways of dealing with stress is so important for staying healthy during times of high stress.

Plan, plan, plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail - if you haven’t got a solid, written plan for your exercise routine it won’t last very long. Whether it’s losing a few pounds or getting your mental health in better shape, start out by setting some daily goals. If you’ve got a specific exercise routine in mind, plan it out throughout the weeks you’re social distancing and switch it up everyday. If you can get everything set in stone, you’re much more likely to commit to it.

Eat your greens

When you’re stuck in your house for weeks on end, the urge to grab some burgers and chips can be very tempting. While you should treat yourself now and again, good food is one of the key parts of staying healthy. Find some exciting healthy recipes online and get cooking! You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll feel after eating something fresh. 

Don’t lose sight of mental health

With 1 in 8 of UK men having a mental health problem, it’s fair to say that men don’t have a great relationship with mental health. Unfortunately, lockdown has only made that problem worse. It may sound obvious, but talking to someone about issues you’re struggling with doesn’t make you less of a man. Opening up is essential if you’re going to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meditation and breathing exercises are also really helpful during quarantine. Whatever you do - don’t put mental health on the backburner when thinking about your health.

Exercise, healthy eating and strong mental health are some of the best ways to get yourself through the ordeal that can be social distancing. Twist it around and look at things in a more positive light - all this time is the perfect opportunity to get your health back on track.