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What is Lion’s Mane and What Are the Benefits?

17 March 2022
2-minute read

What is Lion’s Mane and What Are the Benefits? 

Lion’s Mane is a nootropic that is packed to the rafters with science-backed benefits. Let’s take a look at this ‘smart drug’ in more detail, and find out how you can benefit from supplementing your diet with our Brain Health supplement, containing Lion’s Mane. 

What exactly is Lion’s Mane? 

First used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus, Yamabushitaki, Houtou) is an edible mushroom known to have exceptional antioxidant properties and can potentially contribute a number of other health benefits. It gets its Western name from its appearance - when you see a Lion’s Mane mushroom in the wild, it’s hard not to think about the animal itself, thanks to the dangling spines.

What are some of the benefits of taking Lion’s Mane? 

When you dig into the research, it’s hard not to be impressed by the potential health benefits of Lion’s Mane. While everyone is different, some of the potential medicinal properties of this nootropic include: 

Improved brain health and functionality 

As you get older, your brain struggles to keep up. When you suffer from things like a loss of memory or an inability to focus, it’s a result of damaged brain cells and shrinking neurons. Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane contains two compounds that stimulate the growth of brain cells, known as hericenones and erinacines. Not only can these compounds help your brain function, they may even offer protection against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Reduced symptoms of mild depression and anxiety 

Animal studies have discovered that Lion’s Mane mushrooms can reduce some of the mild symptoms of anxiety and depression found in mice. While scientists have yet to make strides in their research within the human population, it’s posited that the reduction of symptoms comes from an improvement in the functionality of the hippocampus. While more research is required to know definitively, the early signs are certainly promising.

Reduced risk of heart disease 

Lion’s Mane extract may be able to influence the likes of obesity and high cholesterol levels, which could ultimately bring about a reduction in one’s likelihood of contracting heart disease. Thanks to the presence of hericenone B, Lion’s Mane can also potentially decrease your chances of suffering from a blood clot and subsequent heart attack.

Other potential benefits of Lion’s Mane 

While more research is required to definitively list the benefits of Lion’s Mane, the mushroom is thought to potentially protect against ulcers in the digestive tract, manage diabetes symptoms, fight cancer, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, and enhance the immune system.

Ready to experience the benefits of Lion’s Mane for yourself? 

At Sons, we believe wholeheartedly in the potential power of nootropics, Lion’s Mane included. That’s why we’ve put together our popular Nootropic Supplement that combines Lion’s Mane with L-Tyrosine, Choline, Korean Ginseng, and other ingredients that could help to give you the boost that you’ve been looking for. 

Given the hugely impressive potential benefits of Lion’s Mane, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try our nootropics supplement out today and see what impact it could have on your health and wellbeing. 


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