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What is Wellmune?

What is Wellmune?
11 November 2021
2-minute read

Are you feeling tired, fatigued and bunged down more often than not? Our Immune Health Supplement could give your immune system the boost it needs to level up your physical health. The main ingredient - Wellmune - is clinically proven to help support the immune system. But what exactly is Wellmune and how does it work? 

What is Wellmune?

Originally derived from baker’s yeast, Wellmune is a yeast beta glucan that helps to strengthen and support the immune system. The glucan is found in a wide variety of foods, drinks and supplements, including mushrooms, oat drinks and Sons’ very own Immune Health. As a highly purified glucan, Wellmune is also entirely gluten-free and can be consumed safely every day. With this daily consumption, Wellmune could provide you with some beneficial effects, such as enhancing energy levels, improving physical health and supporting you during times of stress.

One of the key reasons why Wellmune is so successful is thanks to the dozens of peer-reviewed clinical studies that have clinically proven its effectiveness. This new study from 2020 found that Wellmune ‘shows immune-enhancing and immune-modulatory effects across different populations’ while a 2018 study discovered that Wellmune ‘decreased URTI symptomatic days [and the] severity of specific URTI symptoms.’ Ultimately, there is a huge range of clinical evidence supporting Wellmune’s effectiveness for reducing illness and increasing wellbeing.

How does Wellmune work?

The best way to explain how Wellmune works is by imagining your immune system as a wellness team trained to go into action on a daily basis. After consuming Wellmune on a daily basis, your immune cells are fortified and bolstered, in order to help fight foreign agents. As Wellmune hits your gut, your cells absorb the glucan and transport it around the key immune organs in the body. Welmune is then broken down again and attaches to those crucial immune cells, helping them to be more resilient.

What other ingredients are in Sons’ Immune Health?

When consuming your Immune Health Supplement daily, t’s not only Wellmune that helps to bolster the immune system. We’ve added ten other all-natural ingredients to this blend and we’re confident we’ve left no stone unturned. From Vitamin C to L-Arginine, you can read all about each of these clinically proven and totally natural ingredients on the Immune Health page.

Interested in giving your immune system a helping hand? Along with ten other ingredients, the Wellmune in our Immune Health could be just what you’re looking for. Take a look at our treatment plan today.

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