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What meditation can do for your cognitive health

What meditation can do for your cognitive health
31 January 2022
2-minute read

If you’re feeling stressed, anxious or mentally exhausted from a hectic lifestyle, it can be tough to make it through the day. It’s all too easy (especially for men) to ignore mental struggles, lock them up and carry on the way things are with a stiff upper lip. Meditation and mindfulness can help to lower those stress levels and enhance your cognitive health, helping to calm your mind when you need to most. Here are some of our top reasons for meditating.

Enhanced focus and concentration

In a world filled with screens, it can often be difficult to focus. This then leads to an inclination for procrastination and distraction, stopping us from meeting deadlines efficiently. Meditating once a day helps you to enhance your focus and improve concentration, allowing you to slow your mind down when things are starting to get hectic. Before the day starts, sit down silently indoors or outdoors and focus your mind on your breathing. It may be difficult at first - random thoughts will pop up and distract you - but stick at it over a period of time and you’ll achieve a higher level of focus. The NHS has some fantastic resources available to help you improve mindfulness, with various tips on mental wellbeing.

Lower stress levels

Research has also shown that meditation has the ability to lower stress levels in the brain. Practicing meditation does this by reducing the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body, helping you feel more relaxed. Using a mantra and repeating it in your mind over and over is a great way to calm yourself, especially if you pick a relevant phrase. When you’ve had a long day or you’re worried about the week ahead, meditation is perfect for slowing your mind down and managing your anxiety.

Look after your mental health

A lot of people struggle with their mental health, which can stop you from being at your best both at home and at work. Meditation brings you a higher sense of awareness and helps to put things into perspective. In the grand scheme of things, that deadline at work or awkward situation probably isn’t as bad as you think. Slowing down your mind and assessing problems as they are in reality is very helpful for gaining more confidence in your abilities. 

Think of meditation as an exercise for your brain. Sitting down once a day for 15 minutes over a few weeks is enough to make a significant difference in your mental and cognitive health. Consistency and nutrition are still important aspects of enhancing your cognition and our Brain Health supplement could help you. Have a look through our information page and get started on your monthly plan today.

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