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Why maintaining a healthy immune system is still crucial in summer

Why maintaining a healthy immune system is still crucial in summer
21 July 2022
3-minute read

Although most people worry about falling sick during the cold winter months, the reality is that you can be impacted by viruses and infections at any time of the year. In this article, we explain why it’s so important to maintain a healthy immune system in the summer months and introduce you to some simple tips that will boost your immune response. 

How does the immune system work? 

Your immune system is your body’s primary defence against a range of diseases and viruses that can cause you to fall ill. It comprises of a complex network of tissues, cells, and organs that spring into life when they detect a potential threat to your health. When your immune system is robust, it serves as an impenetrable barrier against antigens that are trying to access your body. 

If your immunity is breached, white blood cells assemble and come to the rescue, identifying and eliminating the foreign invaders before they can do significant harm. The immune system is your body’s superhero, and you cannot function without it. Therefore, no matter the time of the year, you need to ensure it is healthy and operating to its full capacity. 

Why your immunity is important all year round 

Although common colds and viral infections are more prevalent in the winter months, the reality is that your body is at risk of infection all year round, especially if you are experiencing a weakened immune system. After all, your immune system is capable of recognising millions of different antigens and is then able to eradicate the vast majority of them before they cause you any issues. 

As well as the common cold, your immune system fights off cancers, viruses, and practically any other harmful antigen that can negatively influence your health. Some viruses are prevalent in the summer months, while harmful bacterial infections can also strike at any time of the year. The bottom line is that you need your immune system to work to its full potential all year round.

How to maintain your immune system throughout the year 

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to boost and maintain your immune system throughout the year. Here are some good habits to get into to ensure your immunity protects you to the best of its ability: 

Exercise regularly 

Studies have shown that exercise can help the immune system fight various infections and illnesses. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, try and go for a thirty-minute walk each day and slowly increase your activity levels from there. Your immune system will thank you for doing so. 

Eat better 

Following a nutritious diet is essential if you want your immune system to work well. Studies show that nutrition impacts the microbiome, inflammatory process, and the functioning of white blood cells, all of which contribute to the functioning of your immune system. Incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet and limiting your intake of processed foods will improve the function of your immunity. 

Take the right supplements 

Taking the right supplements can also benefit your immune system. Our Immune Health Supplement is a unique formulation of 11 powerful ingredients which have been scientifically proven to help support the immune system. Taken daily, our supplement will boost your immune health throughout the year and ensure you can stave off the threat of infections and illness, no matter the season. 

Even though viral infections are less prevalent in the summer months, it’s crucial you don’t let your guard down. The three tips above will help you maintain healthy immunity throughout the year, so your system is ready to protect you from any harmful antigens that try and enter your body. 

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