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How your immune system can improve your workout

How your immune system can improve your workout
11 November 2021
2-minute read

From an alert state of mind to reduced illnesses, a healthy, well-functioning immune system has a whole host of benefits. On top of that, your immune system also plays a pivotal part in helping you with your workout. To help you get to grips with the concept, we’ve got together some of the ways your immunity can help boost your workout routine and recovery.

Recovery time

The key to a successful workout isn’t just getting yourself up and to the gym - recovery also plays a huge part in the process. The secret to making the most of your recovery? The immune system. When you undergo an intense workout, your muscle fibres experience a small amount of damage. This inflammation was often seen as a negative result of excessive exercise, but recent research is starting to show that the proinflammation process is key to your recovery. With a healthy immune system, it’s believed that you can increase the efficiency of muscle repair and remodelling. So - if you’re looking to put on some muscle, the health of your immune system could be pivotal.

Wave goodbye to fatigue

After a long day at work, it can be difficult to drag yourself off the sofa and hit the gym. Nobody is a stranger to that feeling, but did you know that the immune system plays a big role in keeping you alert and energetic? With regular supplementation and a well-balanced diet, you could be shocked at the difference boosted immunity can have on your motivation and alertness. If you finding yourself flagging more often than not or saying no to the gym on the regular, it might be time to do something about your immunity.

Hit peak performance more often

The best workouts are undoubtedly the ones where you can feel yourself hitting your peak. Whether you’re on the treadmill or using weights, that extra 10% can make all the difference in the long term. Exercise is all about the challenge, the urge to hit your peak and the motivation to surpass your goals. With strong immunity, your energy levels could increase and supply you with that edge you’ve been looking for.

How can I improve my immunity?

Alongside a well-balanced diet and plenty of sleep, our Immune Health Supplement could give your immune system the help it needs to perform effectively. Our all-natural blend of vitamins and minerals uses eleven key ingredients, including Wellmune®, Vitamin C and L-Arginine, to nourish the immune system. It’s super simple to take too - all you have to do is stir one pack of Immune Health into a 300ml cup of cold water before shaking up well. After consuming once a day for a month, you could potentially see some improvements to your physical and mental health.

To learn more about how our Immune Health Supplement could give other areas of your physical and mental health a boost, take a look through our information pages today. Give your immune system a helping hand with Sons’ Immune Health today.

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