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Medically reviewed by Dr Knut Moe,
Sons Medical Director

"In my experience, the products Sons offer include the most effective medical treatments available to deal with male pattern hair loss and maintain a healthy gut"

11 November 2021
2 min read

What vitamin is good for men's hair?

There are a huge variety of vitamins out there and some of them have the potential...
23 June 2021
2 min read

Norwood Scale: The receding hairline stages explained

Noticing the early signs of hair loss? The Norwood Scale (otherwise known as the H...
17 June 2021
2 min read

Gut Supplements: A Sons Guide

To put it simply - if your gut is unhealthy, your whole body can be affected. Whet...
15 June 2021
2 min read

Sons Steps: A 'how to' guide for using our treatment

Treating your hair loss doesn’t have to be complicated. Sons treatments offer a fu...
11 June 2021
2 min read

5 daily habits to improve your gut health

Good gut health isn’t only great for your digestion. A healthy gut can also help y...
10 June 2021
2 min read

What is a normal hairline for a man?

A receding hairline is something that the majority of men will have to deal with a...